North Thailand’s amazing wild flowers

Thailand has an astonishing number of indigenous wild flower species and orchids in abundance. Here are just a few that I found around my village of Huai Kaew – Chiang Mai. Read more at Jamoroki



8 thoughts on “North Thailand’s amazing wild flowers

    • How did you find me so quick? I only started putting this site together yesterday and haven’t launched it yet from my blog.
      You caught me on the hop! But that’s great thanks. I just had a quick look at your blog. It looks great (Did you know I’m in the jewellery business?)
      Anyway, it’s very hot here so I’m going to have a cold beer that have a good look at your blog. See you later. James.


      • I just look into the tag “flowers” and “garden” every day and there I found you and was astonished about the beauty of flowers you have there. I didn’t know that you are in the jewellery business. But that sounds interesting. Enjoy your cold beer and my blog, Happy Easter, regards Mitza


        • Well Mitza. You have inspired me. I started my blog primarily as a writer and quickly realised how important images are to embellish the posts. So I had to steel myself and learn another skill (although I had a passion for art in my youth) photography because I didn’t want to use other peoples photos. As I began to learn more I realised that not only could I use pictures to add zip to my writing I could also use writing to add zip to my pictures. It’s sometimes hard work but now I have the best of both worlds. But I need to improve my skill levels a lot. I really like your blog and the way you have used the Hatch theme, which I so nearly did, is great.


          • I’m happy I could inspire you, James. Most people don’t have so much time to read long stories and if you embellish your posts with beautiful photos, then you might “convince” others to read your stories easier. I think you have enough skills to do fantastic photos. Just do learning by doing and try to learn a bit about the golden ratio. When I view a lot of photos in wordpress I get the feeling that the ones which are in the golden ratio get most likes. And thanks again for all your nice words about my blog. I take this work serious and want to deliver good blogs every time. Regards Mitza


            • That’s something you can google. It shows you the proportions (for instance landscape/sky) and relations (dark/light colors) that a good painting, drawing or photo should have to be beautiful. By the way, all nature has been created in the golden ratio and therefore it’s so beautiful. Regards Mitza


            • Mitza, I think I’ve found a new Guru! Mathematics and art were my favourite subjects at school but I have to admit to my ignorance about the golden ratio. Thanks for the insight. I have done the Googling but don’t think I will be applying too much of a mathematical approach to my photography. I will have to let nature take it’s course otherwise I might disappear up my own bum! James


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