Pink Orchid

Pastel of a pink orchid on the morning it bloomed

Distant mountains

Mountains border Myanmar and Thailand to the West of the forests North of Chiang Mai

I love walking the farms, canal banks and villages in the early cool mornings of Northern Thailand between November and February. Nearly every day I find I can make a new picture of the same view. I am so lucky the countryside is like an art gallery. I processed this scene to look like an old 19th-century oil painting. I hope you like it.

Jet Stream

An aircraft leaves a trail as it disappears in the morning sky over Northern Thailand

I enjoy the sunrise more than sunset, maybe because there’s no-one around and the air is so clean and fresh. I chose to process this one using a painterly approach as it seemed to fit. Hope you like it.


A foggy morning in Rawai bay, Phuket
A foggy morning in Rawai bay, Phuket

The sun rising is hidden from view. It’s not often foggy in Rawai but this was one of those unusual days when the tide was out and the wind brought pollution from Sumatra where the forests was burning.