Angry Day

Stormy Day
A beautiful bay on an angry day in South Thailand

Thailand is more often than not associated with hot sunny holidays on busy beaches. But sometimes a storm changes the character and reveals another kind of beauty. As on this secluded Sichon bay in South Thailand. I created the photo as an oil painting for a more dramatic effect.

Dog sunrise

A Yannui dog has the beach to himself while people still sleep.

In Thailand the owners of many dogs allow them to roam free. It’s a good life for healthy well fed dogs if they can avoid the traffic and don’t cause motor accidents; especially when they live on the beaches. But not all dog’s are as lucky as this one who is owned by the restaurant on Yannui Beach, Phuket. To learn more about Thailand’s dogs visit Soi Dog.


A foggy morning in Rawai bay, Phuket
A foggy morning in Rawai bay, Phuket

The sun rising is hidden from view. It’s not often foggy in Rawai but this was one of those unusual days when the tide was out and the wind brought pollution from Sumatra where the forests was burning.

Rawai Pier – Phuket

Rawai Pier - Phuket - just after sunrise
Rawai Pier – Phuket – just after sunrise

Since gravitating from my old Canon Powershot to the T3i 600D I have taken over 4000 shots, many of which were filed in the bin while learning a new skill. I came home from a two month sabbatical of self-tuition on the tropical island of Phuket and am now busy processing [more learning to be done] the images. I promise to post at least 3 images each week which I like from Phuket and Chiang Mai. This is the first.