River Sunrise

Northern Thailand just after dawn in the forest

I remember this morning well. I walked along the dirt road up from the village to the reservoir through the Lam Yai farms and forest. There was hardly a soul apart from the odd farmer, a couple of noisy dogs and me. Then I looked through the trees and saw this.


Distant mountains

Mountains border Myanmar and Thailand to the West of the forests North of Chiang Mai

I love walking the farms, canal banks and villages in the early cool mornings of Northern Thailand between November and February. Nearly every day I find I can make a new picture of the same view. I am so lucky the countryside is like an art gallery. I processed this scene to look like an old 19th-century oil painting. I hope you like it.

Sparkling feather grass

Sunrise in the Northern Thailand forest shines on the feather grass

Early morning walks in the forests of Northern Thailand are a photographer’s dream. The early light catches the feather grass as it plays in the rising sun.


A dramatic sunrise spotlights the distant mountains in Northern Thailand
A dramatic sunrise spotlights the distant mountains in Northern Thailand

I have photographed this scene many times, working it to get the best out and experiment with my art. It seems that there are hundreds of pictures in every scene as the landscape constantly changes from day to day, time to time and season to season. On this particular occasion I had made a wide angle panorama of 4 shots and today I could see by cropping there was an opportunity to create something a little different. This particular shot was taken at 6.38am on a misty April morning 30kms North of Chiang Mai.

(Canon EOS 600D – 33mm at F5.6, 1/400sec and ISO100.)