About Jamoroki-Art

Hi there and welcome to Jamoroki-Art.

This site is my ‘Photo-Shop’ where you will currently find collections of my artistic creations. I am a lover of change, often to my detriment, so Jamoroki-Art will evolve over time to reflect the development of a new found passion.

In my Blog ‘Jamoroki‘ you will find many posts on Travel, SE Asia, Poetry and Social issues.

If  you enjoy some of the pictures why not come and relax at Head Office where you can learn all about me (well, maybe not all, but a lot) and read the stories behind some of the pictures you find here.

You are welcome to drop by for cyber coffee and hang out as long as you want.

You can even send me a private email if you would like to discuss anything.

I hope to see you again and again.

All the best



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