Jet Stream

An aircraft leaves a trail as it disappears in the morning sky over Northern Thailand

I enjoy the sunrise more than sunset, maybe because there’s no-one around and the air is so clean and fresh. I chose to process this one using a painterly approach as it seemed to fit. Hope you like it.

Dog sunrise

A Yannui dog has the beach to himself while people still sleep.

In Thailand the owners of many dogs allow them to roam free. It’s a good life for healthy well fed dogs if they can avoid the traffic and don’t cause motor accidents; especially when they live on the beaches. But not all dog’s are as lucky as this one who is owned by the restaurant on Yannui Beach, Phuket. To learn more about Thailand’s dogs visit Soi Dog.


A foggy morning in Rawai bay, Phuket
A foggy morning in Rawai bay, Phuket

The sun rising is hidden from view. It’s not often foggy in Rawai but this was one of those unusual days when the tide was out and the wind brought pollution from Sumatra where the forests was burning.